So who would have guessed this? That my first blog would be about breast cancer? Surely not me! This was certainly not part of my life plan for my late 30's, but it's here now so I've been forced to dig in. The response to my health news was AMAZING! The tidal wave of support I received from family, friends, neighbors and former strangers has made all the difference in being able to take on this challege. As many of you said in your emails, cards and phone calls, this news is shocking to hear....but there are positives to the cards I’ve been dealt. They found my cancer early enough to cure me, and I will not only survive this but I will come out stronger for having endured it. While this whole experience has been surreal, you cannot image the amazing life moments I’ve experienced in the last few weeks, as I am seeing life quite a bit differently than I did before hearing the word cancer. I titled this blog right after hearing I had breast cancer, a cancer I thought was much simpler than I now know. So while my initial silver linings have changed quite a bit over the last few weeks, they are still there and are in some ways even better now, and I hope to share them with you along my journey! GAME ON!

Me & Bri

Me & Bri
Me & Bri

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

15 days out and last Herceptin Infusion

I am about 15 days out from surgery now, and it's been a long couple of weeks. While I was prepared for each part of the surgery, somehow, collectively, the experience was more extreme than I had anticipated.  The good news is that I am up and about again, I am off the heavy medications and am getting around a bit on my own now. I am slow like a snail.... hunched over a bit.... but I am at least up and around and it feels great. I have more use of my arms now, but it's still somewhat limited. I am supposed to take it easy for another 6 weeks before doing any lifting, exercise, etc.

Today is a BIG milestone for me- I am receiving my last herceptin infusion right now, the 26th herceptin dose since last March.  While I don't have many side effects from the herceptin, it's just having to get downtown and get hooked up that has taken it's toll and I am SICK OF COMING HERE!  Before getting hooked up today, I met with my oncologist, Dr. Kaklamani, on next steps. I am basically on tamoxifen for the next 5 years, and possibly some other medications, but all the major steps are through. I will meet with Dr K every 3 months to monitor my progress.  Once I am done here today, then I hope to never see these nice nurses ever again -  less than 30 minutes to go and I am out of here!


  1. Mickie, I celebrate with you on the last of your cancer treatments! Our prayers have been answered that God has brought you through this illness and is restoring you to good health. Just a little longer to regain all your physical strength, and then I can imagine you'll be out biking, running, swimming and everything else. Yea!
    With love,
    Norma Jean Moore

  2. Mickie -- I am a little behind in my reading but I'm so glad to read this post! I know just how you feel at that last infusion. You are moving on and it's a great feeling. We miss you at work, but are glad that you're taking care of yourself right now! Can't wait to hear from you soon!

    Linda Riemer